Amoure Terms of Sale

(Terms of Sale: as of March 20, 2023)

The use of the service and all the features requires you to register to Amoure’s website. Becoming a member allows you to access public areas of the Service and use unpaid services such as the search function, viewing segments of other Members’ profiles, or send crush alerts to other Members. In order to gain access to all the tools available on Amoure, each member must purchase a Diamond Pack.

Amoure offers the following Tools to facilitate interaction within the community:

In order to access these tools (or “Communication Tools”), which are essential to communicate and initiate encounters with other Members, you must purchase Diamonds as more fully explained below.

"Member(s)" refers to any or all valid registered users of the Amoure Service who have or have not paid or purchased diamond packs to use Amoure.

These Terms of Sale are a part of the Terms of Use, agreement to which is contingent upon registration in order to use the Service.

Upon purchase of a Diamond Pack, Member agrees to the Terms of Sale, as a part of Amoure’s Terms of Use policy.

Article 1. Diamond Packs

Diamond Packs: the Member purchases a certain amount of units or “Diamonds” which he can use on to initiate encounters by using the Communication Tools.

The addition of Diamonds to a subscriber’s account occurs upon receipt or shortly after a valid transaction (successful online transaction) has been completed.

Diamond Value System:

Article 2. Terms and Conditions for In-App purchases (Apple App Store & Google Play)

Users can also purchase diamonds through the smartphone application.

These applications are provided by another service provider (such as Apple App Store or Google Play) and therefore may be subject to other payment terms and conditions than those used and available to users on accessing the site via

Any applicable terms will only be applicable to one-off purchases, and all relevant terms and conditions associated with these payments will be brought to the attention of the user prior to purchase.

Amoure is not responsible for any diamond(s) or diamond pack(s) purchased via the smartphone application or any other mobile service(s), and therefore the user should not contact Amoure regarding In-App purchases in Apple App Store. Users using Google Play may contact Amoure with regard to In-App purchases.

Article 3. Conditions of Payment

Diamond Packs are paid in advance.

Once payment is successfully processed and the user agrees to make a payment using one of the available payment methods, diamonds will automatically appear on their personal account.

All purchases are final. No refunds are possible under any circumstances, except for cases of illegal use or stolen identity. Fraudulent payment and identity theft are punishable by law.

Article 4. Right to Cancel (for residents of the EU ONLY)

According to Distance Selling Regulations (for residents of the EU ONLY) This section applies to only to a "consumer" as defined in the EU Directive on Distance Selling 97/7/EC, as transposed by each State of the EU in its own laws (See for instance, UK's Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations 2000)) and resident within the EU: in that case, you may cancel your order for Services by giving us written notice within seven (7) business days of placing the order; with the provision that you may not exercise the right to cancel if performance of the Services (consumption of diamonds purchased in a pack) has begun, with your consent, before the end of the period of seven (7) business days. Within 30 days of receipt of a notice of cancellation, Amoure will issue a refund. This right of cancellation only applies to the initial purchase of Amoure’s Services (any packs); this clause does not apply to subsequent purchases of similar Services.

Article 5. Renewal, Upgrades and Cancellation Policy. may correct any billing errors or mistakes made, even in the event of already requested or receipt of payment through the customer service.

Section 5 applies to and includes any agreements made with on the Website when becoming a Member to the Service. The terms of payment will be based on Payment Method and may be determined by agreements between the Member and the financial institution, credit card issuer or other provider the selected Payment Method. If you initiate a refund or reverse a payment made with your Payment Method, Amoure has the right to, at its discretion, terminate the Member’s account effective immediately. If we successfully dispute the reversal, and the reversed funds are returned to us, you are not entitled to a refund, or to have your account or subscription reinstated.

5.1. Renewal:

Diamond Packs: once all diamonds in a Diamond Pack are used, there will be no automatic renewal of the pack. The Member will have to purchase new diamonds packs.

5.2. Pack upgrade:

A Member can buy additional diamonds if they wish at anytime, there is no upgrade functionality

5.3. Unsubscribing:

If a Member requests to be permanently removed from Amoure, that Member will not be reimbursed for unused diamonds. However, if a Member chooses to suspend his or her membership, then the corresponding profile will be removed from the public areas of Amoure, but all unused diamonds will be preserved until membership is reactivated. To further explore unsubscribing and membership suspension, contact customer service (

5.4. Refund:

Each purchase of initial and recurring diamonds is non-refundable. In some cases, Amoure may issue a refund to an account. Refund enquiries must be processed through customer service ( The Refund period can take up to 30 days.

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